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All HTTP connections to this site are logged using the 'combined log format' (see here). This includes the IP address of the connecting machine and the address of the page visited. These logs are kept for the purpose of:

Logs that include IP addresses will not be intentionally disclosed to any third party except to the extent that this may be required by law.


Use of this website will cause cookies to be stored on your computer. An explanation of what cookies are can be found here or here, but if you don't already know this then you have probably come to the wrong place. Cookies are set:

Likely future uses include:

Details will be posted on this page as and when they become known.

In order to protect your privacy, the Google+ and Facebook buttons on this website do not become active until clicked. What happens after clicking is between you and the social network in question.

E-mail monitoring

Please do not send any e-mails to the address gdshaw99@codepolice.org as it is used for collecting samples of spam.

Any e-mails which are received may, at our discretion, be stored, analysed, and/or acted upon in any reasonable manner of our choosing.