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Fetch the content of a given URL in Perl using LWP::Simple

Tested on

Debian (Lenny, Squeeze)
Ubuntu (Lucid, Precise, Trusty)


To fetch the content located at a given URL in Perl using the module LWP::Simple


Suppose that you wish to fetch the content of the URL http://www.example.com/ and place it in the Perl variable $content. You have chosen to do this using the module LWP::Simple.


The module LWP::Simple provides a function named get which fetches the content of a URL given as its first and only argument:

use LWP::Simple;

my $url = 'http://www.example.com/';
my $content = get($url);
if (!defined $content) {
    die "failed to fetch URL $url";

A response of undef indicates that the transfer failed, but the reason for the failure is not recorded. Metadata provided in the HTTP headers is similarly unavailable to the caller.

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